The Best Of Both Worlds

Body Rocks Dance and Fitness Studio is proud to be one of the only places in the city that provides dancing AND fitness.

What we offer:

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Kids Classes

Body Rocks offers multiple classes for kids ages 3-18.

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Choose from classes such as Zumba, Piloxing, Body Blast, Carribean Flavor, and Hip-Hop Cardio. Burn calories while having fun!

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Pole Fitness

Body Rocks hosts Bachelorette Parties, Girls Nights Out, and Birthday Parties.

Client Testimonial

  • Body Rocks dance and fitness is just what it says! You are having so much fun it feels more like a party than exercise. The fun keeps you coming back. Dance fitness is a way to live healthy and have fun and while doing it.Darleen Mason

  • Before I came to zumba at body Rocks, I was doing exercise videos. The videos were boring me and I needed something to keep me going. Before Body Rocks existed I met Shanae when she was teaching zumba classes in my apartment building. Not only did Shanae’s class inspire me but I was never bored. At Body Rocks you are not just a client but you are family. You are treated like you belong and that makes a difference. Marjorie Scott

  • I have been attending Body Rocks for only 4 months, but I have enjoyed every second I feel so much better inside and out. There more than just exercise classes it’s an experience and I love every minute of it.Michelle Boyd

  • During college I gained more than just the freshman 15lbs. As a 5’4’ women at age 23yrs. Old I was weighing in at around 190lbs. One day I looked in the mirror and said to myself this is not what to look like. I didn’t feel beautiful, I hated myself for the way I looked. To lose the weight I needed to incorporate something I love this is where dance came in. Body Rocks has helped me in keeping the weight off, by not being a gym but a place where I can have fun dancing to great music while getting a great workout. They have great instructors and a great atmosphere where I feel welcome and it keeps me coming back.Michelle Boyd

  • I hate to workout but I love to dance. It was nice to see a dance studio that encouraged women. I am not a boot camp style person but this dance/fitness studio has helped me in my weight loss journey. Its fun and affordable.Miranda Wadley

  • Shanae the owner of Body Rocks teaches a great zumba class there and she is the best Zumba instructor ever! I love love love her classes. I hate working out but she makes it extremely fun and I’m always anxious to attend the next class. I’ve been coming back for years!Latasha S

  • Today was my first day at Body Rocks and it was an awesome experience the class was challenging yet exciting. I enjoyed all the music and new steps. I would recommend for for everyone to come to Body Rocks dance and fitness and “Rock Out” with their cool instructors.Tamika H

  • Body Rocks is an Awesome place to BE! This place has transformed my life; from being introduced to a Zumba class to now falling in love with dance fitness. As well as leading me to a weight loss journey. It has also lead me to trying things outside of the box. I am grateful for Body Rocks and there instructors.Sam